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iCare Project

Together, we can make a difference
For a corporate to be socially responsible and making its CSR activities as effective and sustained, employees are encouraged to give it back to the society and demonstrate responsible behaviors to address social issues iCare Project for Canon demonstrates commitment towards two causes:
Encouraging employees who wants to demonstrate that they care for our society, by associating with causes which are close to their heart.
Eye Care, taking care of the gift of vision that we are blessed with.

More about iCare Project
Canon launched its core CSR project in the area of eye care prevention and rehabilitation of visually challenged in the year 2008.

2009 Efforts towards Preventive eye care
In Q1 2009, we conducted 79 camps, screening 11477 patients.
Canon staff volunteered to organize these camps and also educate children on how to take care of the gift of vision that they have. Canon volunteers can take official time off from their work to be a part of this noble cause.
In-house education campaign to educate staff on prevention of eye diseases was initiated by CSR Team.

Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

We can't prevent, but we can mend
With that belief, Canon and our staff have often joined hands to raise funds and help those who are in desperate need, following humanitarian crises and disasters. Employees contributed one day pay to raise funds during Kargil War (1999), Orissa Cyclone (2000), Earthquake in Bhuj (2001), Tsunami (2004) and Floods in Bihar (2008).

In 2008, when visuals from flood ravaged Bihar haunted and made people wonder if they could help, CSR Team aligned with Caritas, a non profit organization who were assigned the role of rehabilitating 50,000 families by the Government of India. Just one call from the staff was enough to raise huge funds by people contributing their one day pay of more towards rescue and rehabilitation of victims.

Art, Culture and Sports

Encouraging young in diverse community support activities to address social issues
Canon India formed partnerships which encourages youth, tomorrow's leaders to get engaged in local community activities which support noble social causes.

Young staff from Canon formed a Cricket Team to participate in CRY Cadence Cup over the past many years. Participation in this sporting event is a way for supporting welfare of under privileged children associated with the organization CRY. Enthusiasts from Canon also participated in the Table Tennis and Badminton Tournaments organized by non profit organization working towards a cause close to the heart of participants.

Since 2006, staff from Canon along with spouses have participated in Marathon Run sponsoring a cause. In 2006, we stood fpr "Seeing is Believing" initiative for restoring vision for the blind, in 2007 joined hands with CRY for the Girl Child., and in 2008 for Concern India for supporting eye care.

Education and Science

Encouraging the pursuit of learning
While the world saw and applauded the Oscar winning movie, The Slumdog Millionaire, not many give a serious thought to uplift the children on street who dream of opportunities and grab them when offered. Swayya India works with street children and provide them with various opportunities to look at life from different angles. One such opportunity exploration led to Canon donating cameras to children who captured the reality of their lives. These photos were exhibited in Canon Image Lounge and gave them a new platform.

There are few in this world who are fearless and selfless to risk their lives to save lives of others. Every year, children who have risked their lives to save others are rewarded by Government of India on Republic Day where they are felicitated by the Prime Minister of India. Canon salutes such acts of bravery and appreciates them in a formal ceremony where they are felicitated, given Canon cameras as a token of appreciation and momento along with gift of vision by eye screening camp led by our CEO Kensaku Konishi. Some of them are rewarded posthumously with their parents attending the ceremony on their behalf.

Local Communities

Beyond funds with our neighbors and partners
Since 2005, every year blood donation camps are organized by Canon India in association with Indian Red Cross Society. Its not just Canon staff who donate blood, but also encourage and call upon corporate from neighborhood, partners and vendors to join hands.

Families of Canon Staff also get sensitized towards Canon's commitment towards society. Every year on Canon Family day event, organizations like WWF, SMILE and Helpage India put up their stalls for education and promotion of the associated causes.

Social Welfare

Supporting differently abled
Canon India co-sponsored a piano concert 'Darkness to Light' organised by National Association for the Blind (NAB). Talented visually impaired children of NAB joined hands in a piano concert of with Utsav Lal, India's youngest Concert pianist. Canon employees attended the concert to encourage the talented children. Cansupport, an organization working with cancer patients, prevention and treatment associated print calendars which are purchased by employees and also for our customers and partners.

Association with Helpage India by way of donation of Canon Fax machine, purchasing Diwali cards and in-house sale of Helpage products demonstrated our concern for the aged.

Conservation of Environment

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Our defined environmental strategy focuses on three core objectives- elimination of hazardous substances, resource conservation and energy conservation.

ISO 14001: 2004 Compliance
We are one of the few companies with global certification for ISO 14001: 2004 with yearly audits being conducted externally and internally.

RoHS Compliance
Non-Usage of listed hazardous substances in Canon products and those procured through vendors for external or internal use.

Canon India has tied up with external vendors for managing e-waste including cartridges.Canon India donates computers to organizations like Deepalaya , Pragati and MAIT to promote re-use and education of underprivileged children.

Energy and Resource Conservation
Various steps are taken and reviewed monthly by canon management to watch for trends in consumption of electricity, paper, and water. Energy conservation initiatives included participating in Earth Hour, changing desktop configurations and extensive internal education exercises. Canon India also undertook sophisticated measures like implementation of uniflow software solution to reduce paper usage. For more information on recycling, green procurement and other environmental conservation initiatives click here.

We understand that responsible corporate behavior needs to be sustained and developed over time to help future generation also. We continually look for ways to improve our performance in addressing social issues as a way of fulfilling our responsibility of being a good corporate citizen.